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Michael Rogell, Ph.D.

Light Therapy Lamps

What is Light Therapy?

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- Light Therapy is an effective treatment for all types of depression. First used in the early

1980's to treat Seasonal Affect Disorder, many clinical studies now confirm light therapy as 

being at least as effective as antidepressant medications1, and is effective in treating ALL 

types of depression2..


- Light Therapy involves exposure to bright, full spectrum lights under specific conditions. 

There are two measures used to rate full spectrum lights. These are LUX, which is a 

measure of light intensity, and CRI (Color Rendering Index), which is a measure of the light 

frequency present in a light. (The sun at noon has a CRI of 100.)


- To be clinically effective, the light should be rated at 10,000 LUX, and should have a CRI 

rating of at least 90. It is also important that ultraviolet light, which can be harmful, is 

filtered out.


How Do I Use Light Therapy?

- Exposure to these lights is done sitting close to the light source - usually 12 to 24 inches - 

first thing in the morning for from 15 to 30 minutes.


- To treat depression, sit under the lamp while you read or work. The light should be shining 

on the object your eyes are focused on.


- To create a sense of well being, close your eyes and turn directly toward the light. Notice 

the burnt orange color of the light being filtered through your closed eyelids. Take several 

long, slow breaths and imagine yourself lying on a beach. This technique tends to promote 

relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety.


Does Light Therapy Help Any Other Conditions?

- Preliminary data suggests that Light Therapy may be effective in treating other conditions, 

including Adult Attention-Deficit Disorder, Bulimia Nervosa and Premenstrual Dysphoric 



- Light Therapy has been successfully used to help third-shift workers, who work through the 

night, adjust to altered sleep/wake patterns 4.


- Anecdotal evidence suggests that teenagers, who often have a difficult time waking up and 

becoming alert, may be helped by Light Therapy5.


Can Light Therapy Be Used Longer Than 30 Minutes a Day?

- Absolutely. Many people use their lights for hours at a time. Newer models of Light Therapy 

lamps are designed to look like regular desk or floor lamps, unlike earlier lamps which were 

boxy and unattractive. Increasingly, Light Therapy lamps are finding their way into work 

settings and are used as a primary light source.


A Word of Caution Before Using

Light Therapy.

- It is recommended you consult your physician before beginning to use Light Therapy. This is 

especially true if you are on a medication that can sensitize your skin to light (such as 

imipramine, phenothiazine, chloroquine, hydrocholothiazide, tetracycline and lithium), or if 

you take a light-sensitizing supplement (such as hypericum or melatonin.)


- People with bipolar mood disorder (manic-depressive disorder) should consult their physician before beginning Light Therapy.


- Occasionally some people experience mild headaches, nausea, eye strain, jitteriness, or 

difficulty falling asleep at night when first beginning Light Therapy. It may be necessary, when 

this happens, to reduce the duration and/or intensity of the Light Therapy, or to move further 

away from the light until the symptoms resolve



1 - American Journal of Psychiatry. 163:805-812, May 2006


- American Journal of Psychiatry. 162:656-662, April 2005

3 -http://www.apa.org/monitor/feb06/light.html

4- Sleep Medicine Reviews. 6(5), 407-20, Oct, 2002.

5 - http://litebook.info/light-therapy/ teens.aspx


Purchase Price List

- Floor Lamp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $189.00*

- Desk Lamp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $159.00*


Plus shipping (add 6% Tax in Michigan)

Both Lamps:

- are rated at 10,000 LUX.

- have a CRI of 96

- filter out harmful ultraviolet light

- are fully dimmable

- are all electronic (no hum)

- have a lifetime warranty

- bulbs have a one year warranty

and are rated at 10,000



Insurance Coverage

- Many insurance companies will cover the cost of a Light Therapy lamp. 

Your receipt will include a procedure code so that you can submit your 

receipt, along with a prescription from your physician, to your insurance company.


Ordering Information

 - To order, send check or money order to:

                                   Michael Rogell, Ph.D.

                                   2535 E. Mt. Hope Ave.

                                   Lansing, MI 48910-1913


 - To receive your order more quickly, use your VISA, MasterCard, American Express or 

Discover Card. 


 - Fax your order and credit card information to 517-372-2542.


 - You can also see pictures of the Light Therapy Lamps and place an order online by 

visiting my website: www.SunLightTherapy.com.

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