Michael Rogell, Ph.D.
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Fees and Insurance

Michael Rogell, Ph.D.

I accept most insurance coverage and am on many of the 

local managed care panels.  You can call or e-mail me to check 

to see if I accept your insurance.  As a courtesy I will bill your 

insurance company for you, and ask that you pay only your co-

payment and deductible.  I accept most major credit cards.  

Unless other arrangements are made, I prefer that you pay your 

co-payments and deductible at the time of each session.


To encourage you to find a therapist you feel is a good choice for 

you, I will not charge you for our first session if you decide not 

to continue on in therapy with me.  If we do continue, I will charge 

you for that first session, as well as all subsequent sessions.


If you elect to utilize insurance benefits to pay for therapy, you 

should know that some otherwise confidential information will need 

to be released to the insurance company.  this may include, but 

will not necessarily be limited to, a diagnosis (i.e. depression, 

anxiety, etc.), and, especially in the case of managed care, can 

include an initial summary of presenting problems and treatment 

plan, and subsequent updates on progress being made.  If this is a 

concern for you we can discuss it during our first session.



Michael Rogell Ph.D.

517.372.2300    2535 E. Mt. Hope Ave. Lansing, MI 48910-1913

To avoid getting junk e-mail, I am listing my e-mail address in two parts. The 
first part is MRogell. The second part is @MicroGell.com. To send an e-mail, combine 
these two parts to form my e-mail address.

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